Wedding inspiration

We'd like to invite you on a beautiful journey. We're going to look for inspiration, an essential process to start shaping your dream, regardless of who is going to make it come true.
Let’s take a deep dive into amazing Pinterest? We'll be your guide!

After the nervousness of the proposal, the contagious joy of "yes, I’ll marry you", and the end-of-year festivities, it's time to take a deep breath and start the wedding preparations.

The first impression may seem overwhelming – which is quite normal, but there's nothing to fear, we have time, we have help and we have a plan (or at least a date!).

Where do we start?

We’d like to talk to you about inspiration – the best starting point!

This invitation to freely explore ideas is essential to start shaping your dream, regardless of who is going to make it come true.

At this stage, all you have to do is start identifying what you love, what you’re imagining, what you’re dreaming about – what you like, as well as what you don't like. Without too much discipline, without too much fretting, first we add, and when the time is right, we start to subtract.

Moodboard de inspiração para casamento em tons de azul, por Prometo Amar-te Wedding Designers

So, the right place for this exercise is Pinterest, the great curated inspirational archive!

You can start by exploring the Prometo Amar-te accountand, if you're not familiar with this platform, we recommend two practical ways to explore it.

You can choose brands/services/people you know and like (wedding dress, accessories or invitation brands, wedding inspiration blogs, photographers, floral designers, etc.) or choose a subject (bridal bouquets or invitations with calligraphy, for example) and browse through the images. What you like, you can archive in your own folders and begin to create a visual format of what only existed in your head until now.

Pinterest is primarily a search engine. And here’s the trick: rather than treating it in the same way as Google, using keywords, use it to search visually – when you find an image you really like, open it and scroll down the page. The results that appear underneath will be similar to the image you've chosen, with the same type of theme, the same type of colours, the same type of format – you don't have to go with the first image that pops up!

Above all, this is an archive of beautiful, inspiring images that let you dream – the best spark to start the amazing journey leading up to the wedding!


Pinterest Prometo Amar-te Wedding Designers

Visit our account regularly, we update it frequently.

For now, we've grouped our inspiration into six themes that make us sigh: 

  • Bridal style (inspiration for today's brides: dresses, shoes, clutches, a bouquet here and there. Everything oh so very stylish);
  • White on white (a mix of inspiration for weddings in shades of white: invitations, wedding cake and lots of details);
  • PA kind of blue (dusty blue is Prometo Amar-te's signature colour. We couldn't resist gathering inspiration in this shade);
  • Pearls (we love pearls! They're a timeless classic and so versatile: in veils, shoes, jewellery, make-up and accessories);
  • Lounge lover (the lounge is the space where your guests will spend the most time on the day of the ceremony. It's one of our favourite spaces and an opportunity to shine);
  • Candle lights (inspiration for an intimate, cosy and very romantic atmosphere: let’s get married by candlelight?)

Ready to start this adventure?

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